Factory made Solid PVC Door Shutters

30 mm thick Factory Made Solid Panel PVC Door Shutter consisting of frame made out of MS tubes of 19 mm X 19 mm for stiles, & 15 mm X 15 mm for top & bottom rails. MS frame shall be covered with 5 mm thick heat moulded PVC sheet 'C' channel having a 5 mm thick PVC sheet strip of 20 mm width stuck inside with solvent cement, forming stiles, and 5 mm thick PVC sheets for top rail, lock rail & bottom rail on either side, and 10 mm (5mm X 2) thick, 20 mm wide cross PVC sheet as gap inset for top rail & bottom rail.

Paneling of 5 mm thick PVC sheet to be fitted in the MS frame welded / sealed to the stiles & rails with PVC sheet beading, and joined together with solvent cement adhesive.

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